Our Staff

We take great pride at the Bank Athletic Club to provide instruction with the highest level of training and experience. Our instructors have reached levels of expertise that far exceed the minimum requirements. These are just an example of certifications and degrees held by our staff. Each year our instructors attend industry sponsored training and conferences to remain current with trends and new techniques.
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AFLCA Certification has been the standard for Alberta exercise professionals for more than thirty years. As a not-for-profit organization they work closely with post-secondary institutions, government and industry to develop standards that are safe, accessible and that work in the Alberta marketplace.
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The Bachelor of Kinesiology degree provides a multidisciplinary approach to the study of human movement that includes both the art (e.g., psychology, sociology, history) and science (e.g., physiology, motor learning and control, biomechanics) of human movement as it relates to exercise science, athletic performance and promotion of long term health outcomes
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The Personal Training Specialist is one who has the knowledge and confidence level to train clients in a one-on-one or group setting. The course consists of topics such as anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology. This specialty includes aspects of fitness, wellness and basic training principles, Nutrition and bioenergetics, Cardiorespiratory, skeletal, and muscular system anatomy and function, Flexibility, mobility, and fascia, Passive and dynamic assessments, Periodized program design and delivery.
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With a fresh approach to health and physical education that is unique to Western Canada, Mount Royal’s distinctive four-year program emphasizes a comprehensive approach to health and physical education while providing students with valuable hands-on experiential learning opportunities in- and outside the classroom.
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Bachelor of Physical Education, BPE,
McMaster is committed to the discovery, communication and application of knowledge through the interdisciplinary study of human movement. They employ a cell-to-society approach to advance understanding of the role of physical activity in promoting human health and well-being.
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Bachelor of Education, B.Ed., The University is recognized as a global leader in graduate programs in teaching and learning, continuing teacher education, and education research. As one of the largest and most research-intensive faculties of education in North America, OISE is an integral part of the University of Toronto—Canada’s most dynamic and comprehensive institution of higher learning.
All instructors are trained as first aid, CPR and AED first responders.