Membership and Rates
One Month - no contract
Monthly recurring - 12 month Contract
Monthly recurring - 12 month contract -
Student or Older Adult (65)
One Month Student
Drop In Day Pass (excluding Yoga)
Drop in Day Pass (including Yoga)
Contract memberships include all fitness classes

Month to month memberships do not include Therapeutic Yoga and Yoga with Reiki

*gst not included.
A contract membership is based on a recurring 12 month payment, electronically debited on the first of each calendar month. All contracts end on the last day of the 12th month. Changes in account information must be communicated 30 days in advance.
A month to month membership begins on the day of payment and is terminated one month from that date.
Personal Training
Initial Three sessions - includes a fitness evaluation on first session.
First session - 1.5 hours,
Second and subsequent sessions - 1 hour
Additional sessions
Eight or more sessions booked in advance
Personal Training is a professional service. We require 24 hours notice of a cancellation or request for change. Failure to attend, without notice will result in a fee equivalent to the service provided.
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Membership includes

D5A7F1E3-A31F-48AC-8034-349E8C059B85 Towel Service

D5A7F1E3-A31F-48AC-8034-349E8C059B85 Showers

D5A7F1E3-A31F-48AC-8034-349E8C059B85 Our Special Aromatherapy Soaps

D5A7F1E3-A31F-48AC-8034-349E8C059B85 Day lockers

D5A7F1E3-A31F-48AC-8034-349E8C059B85 Group Fitness Classes and Yoga

D5A7F1E3-A31F-48AC-8034-349E8C059B85 Supervised Facilities

D5A7F1E3-A31F-48AC-8034-349E8C059B85 No hidden fees

D5A7F1E3-A31F-48AC-8034-349E8C059B85 Access to highly trained Instructors, Kinesiologists, and Personal Trainers.

Other Available Services

D5A7F1E3-A31F-48AC-8034-349E8C059B85 Samuel Down, PHYSIOTHERAPIST

D5A7F1E3-A31F-48AC-8034-349E8C059B85 Chris Hubbard, MASSAGE THERAPIST